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‘They recognised Jesus at the breaking of bread’. Today’s Gospel.

‘They recognised Jesus at the breaking of bread’. Today’s Gospel.

I have memories of my Grandmother combing her long grey hair and of her putting it into a bun at the back of her head. I also remember her sitting with her Prayer Book full of Novenas and the cross that she kept under her pillow.

‘They recognised Jesus at the breaking of bread’.

Do I recognise Jesus at the breaking of bread? Do I realise that this is what is happening at Mass? – Jesus the WORD being shared with each of us, Jesus the BREAD – His body being broken as it was broken and as it is being broken. Sharing of the WORD and sharing of the BREAD. ‘Why are you so agitated, why are these doubts rising in your hearts?’ This is what the resurrected Jesus said to his disciples. But he is also saying it to each of us. We are his disciples of today. What can I do as his disciple? Each person will have a different answer as each of us lives this gift of faith and discipleship uniquely in life.

My Grandmother prayed the Jesus Prayer constantly. May our doubts be put to rest and may each of us embrace the Resurrected Jesus.


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