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“The Kingdom of God is very near to you”. ‘Today’s Gospel.’

Did you ever look at some people and see a reflection of God beaming out through their faces – the way they light up and have a wonderfully warm, welcoming appearance.

Today’s Gospel says ‘The Kingdom of God is very near to you’. It is really an unfolding of your life. This unfolding is not something that is forced or hurried on but evolves in a natural way. It is a discovery of the creativity within, which can be lived out from day to day as every day is new, every moment a new moment.

We need to quieten all the chattering in the mind, to relax and to do things in an effortless way – to allow Jesus to come alive. He was most creative. Think of all the parables he told explaining the Kingdom of God, the merchant in search of pearls, the fisherman wanting a big fish, the mustard seed – the tiniest seed growing into a huge tree.

Jesus wants every person to allow the Kingdom of God to unfold in their lives no matter what age they are and ‘The Kingdom of God is very near to you’, so close that we can’t even see it.

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