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Jesus, our brother and friend,
born like each of us,
of a woman, and in weakness,
plunged himself into human life
at the waters of the Jordan,
at the beginning of his life with us.

Into the depths of sin, love,
into the mystery of fragility, weakness,
and into the history of his people.

The waters of the Jordan
are the waters of joy and sorrow;
they are waters of hope and mystery;
and they are the waters of sin and division.
into the waters of life Jesus plunged
and made of them the living water of God.

All life is holy, sacred, eternal
because of Jesus.
We plunge with him into the depths
of our own being;
in the depths of love we will find the God of love,
in the depths of weakness, the God of strength,
in the depths of division, the God of reconciliation,
in the depths of poverty and misery, the God of justice,

And in the depths of our humanity
we will find the divine life of God.

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