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Church Reopens for Mass

It is with great joy that I welcome the re-opening of churches for Mass.  For nearly four months we have been unable to celebrate Mass together.  Some will look forward to this; others, understandably, will have reservations about  their safety.

We will do all we can by way of sanitising the church and ensuring safety while in it by way of safe distancing.  However, if you are anyway fearful you may want to wait until you are more comfortable with coming to the church for Mass.  The dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday and Holy Day is extended for the time being. So you may wish to continue the practice of joining via radio or webcam, until there is greater public confidence and assurance.

We are currently preparing our Parish church for opening for public worship.  As of now we are only permitted to have 50 people in the church.  On reaching this number, under Government Guidelines, people will be asked to stand outside, remembering to maintain social distance.  Mass will be relayed over the loudspeaker outside.

A hand sanitizer will be provided at the entry of the Church. You will be asked to take guidance from stewards, who will be endeavouring to ensure that our places of worship are safe for all.  You may be asked to sit in an area of the church unfamiliar to you.  This is to ensure safety for all.

Holy Communion will be brought to your seat, and to those outside, and may be received on the HAND ONLY. The stewards will guide our leaving of the church, ensuring that all will be able to maintain social distance.  Everyone is requested to maintain social distance in the church grounds and carpark.

The custom of passing baskets for collections has been suspended from a hygiene   perspective.  There will be a collection station at the door of the church for envelope and offertory donations.

It is appreciated that the ‘new way of doing things’ will be inconvenient.  All of us need to be patient and understanding.  Hopefully, in the not too distant future we will be able to accommodate more people and open our churches in Stratford & Grangecon.

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