Celebrate You


You are worth celebrating.  You are worth everything.

You are unique.  In the whole world there is only one you.

There is only one person with your talents, with your experience

 and with your gifts.  No one can take your place.

 God created only one you and you are precious in God’s sight.

You have immense potential to love, to care, to create, to grow.

If you believe in yourself.  It doesn’t matter what you have been,

the wrong you’ve done, the mistakes you’ve made,

the people you’ve hurt.  You are forgiven.

You are accepted.  You’re okay.  You are loved in spite of everything.

So love yourself and nourish the seeds within you.  Celebrate you.

Begin now.  Start anew.  Today is the most important day.

You are you and that is all you need to be.  Today is a Gift given freely.

 That is the miracle called God who loves you.

So celebrate the miracle

and celebrate you!