Published on November 17, 2023

Please see below the financial statement showing the income and expenditure of the parish for 2022.

First of all we would like to thank all who have honoured their responsibility of supporting their parish financially.  Thanks also for your contributions to the     collections for the support of the clergy.  Even in difficult times you managed to keep things afloat with your generosity.

The figures speak for themselves.  Income is up €77,540 on 2021.  The bulk of this is made up of €30,291 from the re-introduction of the Offertory Collection (which did not take place during Covid) and €28,453 recouped from Revenue for tax relief of donations.

Repairs and maintenance was up €17,144 due to replacement of part of the roof on the Parish Centre.  The cost of heat and light shows an increase of €9,000.

While the accounts show an operating profit of €70,513 it has to be noted that €28,453 came from Revenue.

In the coming year we hope that we will be in a position to fund the painting of both St. Joseph’s and Grangecon churches.

At a time when many are coping with financial challenges we appeal to your    continued support and once again sincerely thank you for supporting your    parish.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of this statement please feel free to    contact me or any member of the committee.

Fr. Gerard Ahern PP

Parish Finance Committee – Jim Kearney, (Chairperson), Fintan Doyle, Tom Hannifin, Eamon O’Keeffe, Anne Whelan, Julia O’Neill, Mick Kehoe.

2022 2021
Description Current Comparative
Basket Collection 30,291.88
Envelope Collection 88,980.05 76,649.42
Shrine Income 14,572.00 12,420.00
Rental Income 22,243.00 15,418.70
Donations  Bequests 10,956.37 13,276.67
Tax Refunds/Rebate 28,453.17
Income from Parish Investment Fund 463.00 116.00
Deposit Interest Received 0.02
Diocesan Levy Collection 930.00 2,040.00
Other Collections 4,677.34 3,124.86
Other Income 1,117.53 2,098.33
€202,684.34 €125,144.00
Overhead Expenses
Wages and salaries 19,816.59 12,668.42
Employers NIC (UK) PRSI (Ireland) 5,332.08 2,352.70
Pastoral Programme Expenses 33.10
Insurance 18,605.15 17,860.67
Light and heat 24,502.18 15,590.11
Cleaning 914.87 826.40
Rates, Water, LPT  Waste Collection 1,902.19 779.07
Repairs and maintenance 27,248.75 10,104.92
Diocesan Levy 14,676.00 9,172.50
Diocesan Retirement Fund 1,000.00 1,000.00
Missallettes, Printing  Stationery 1,473.97 1,996.24
Altar Shrine Requisites 6,612.51 4,479.28
Telephone, Broadband and Internet related expenses 2,606.02 2,795.21
Computer software, hardware and servicing costs 2,847.74 7,959.60
Music/Choir Expenses 840.00 553.50
Accountancy Fees 524.53 443.93
Youth and Community Expenses 1,838.00 1,471.69
Bank charges 697.84 532.11
Donations/Collections 450.00 2,710.00
General expenses 248.90 32.00
€132,170.42 €93,328.35
Operating Profit €70,513.92 €31,815.65